2016 Recruitment

First scribbled notes


Eating on a Budget (EoB) is commited to helping people eat well for less. Our target audience are students & those who are new to shopping and cooking for themselves. We are a small team that has been running the site for around 2 years now. To allow us time to grow the business via social media, extra content and polishing the current site we are looking for several writers to work on a freelance basis to provide us with weekly menus.


1) Free Lance - We will pay £40 for any menu submited and accepted that is published on the site. You will not be employees of Eating on a Budget but we will try and co-ordinate with our writers to ensure we have a menu for every week. 

2) Menu -  A menu is for the 5 week days, with a breakfast and lunch item. An evening meal may not be repeated more than twice and only one "ready" meal may be used in a menu. We would expect you to buy and cook the food youself so that you may accurately compose a set of instructions for how to make each meal along with a few sentences of blurb, suggestions etc. You would need to submit the menu via email and formatting will be carried out by the EoB team.

3) Photographs - We will need you to photograph the ingredients and finished dish of one of the evening meals to be used for the menu. 

4) Time - After doing menus for the past 2 years a good estimate for the ammount of time needed is 5-6 hours. This includes shopping, writting and photographing.

5) Free Subscription - All authors would be provided with a free monthly subscription for each menu published.

What to do next;

If you're intersted in becoming a freelance author for Eating on a Budget then please submit a mock menu to the following email address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions before submiting the sample meny, dont feel shy to ask. We're not a monolithic organisation, we are more than happy to steer you in the right direction.