Food Preparation - Chopping Onions

At Eating on a Budget, we use chopped onions in a large number of our recipes, so we'd like to show you the most efficient way we have found to chop an onion.


Using your favorite sharp kitchen knife, cut about a half centimeter off the root end of the onion.

Turn it around and cut off the top.

We find its much easier to peel the outer skin off if you cut the onion in half first

Lay the half onion flat on the chopping board and make a number of cuts radially through the onion. (photo) The trick is to not cut the whole onion, but leave about 1cm uncut to hold it all together.

Now, hold the onion with your thumb, index and middle finger to stop it collapsing, and slowly cut thin slices.

For the final slice, lay it flat and cut radially.


Of course, for some recipes you may want the onions more chunky, so just make less radial cuts, or just slice to get nice long strips.


Thanks for watching, and we hope you found the tip useful.

Good bye from the team at Eating on a Budget