Pastry - Short Crust

You can buy ready made pastry, either fresh or frozen. Around £1.25 for a 500g block.

However, its great fun to make, and really not very difficult.


 small batch Full Bag of Flour
 Self Raising Flour 225g

Margerine 150g

Salt pinch


 Self Raising Flour 1.5kg

Margerine 1Kg

Salt level tablespoon


Sift the flour into a large basin. If its a fresh bag of flour, you can skip this step if you dont have a seive.

Add the salt and stir into the flour. If your using some sugar for sweet pastry, add it now.

break the butter/margerine/lard into small cubes and drop into the flour. rub the flour into the fat with your finger tips. Dont rush this step. keep digging the flour from the bottom of the bowl, and rubbing into the fat until it is all like breadcrumbs in your hands.

add the water/milk and 'cut' in with a blunt knife. Keep stirring/cutting-in until all the dry ingredients start to clump together. Make sure you stir in the mixture at the bottom of the bowl.

When you think its ready, squeeze the mix together, and it should form a firm ball of dough.

Tip onto a floured surface, and kneed two or three times to ensure a firm ball.

If youve made a large batch, split into balls about 500g each

roll each ball in cling film or grease proof paper and pop into the fridge for 30 mins or so to cool. If you have more batches than you need today, pop the others straight into the freezer for next time.


Some people use half margerine/butter and half lard.

For sweet dishes, you can add some caster sugar before adding the water.

You can use milk instead of the water.