Saving £20 per week

Shopping for one can be a real challenge. If you shop daily, you can end up with leftover ingredients that get wasted. If you do a weekly supermarket shop without a planned menu, you can forget vital ingredients, or buy thing that end up in the back of the cupboard, or worse still going off in the fridge.

We've had stories from friends at college who say that their weekly supermarket bill can be £40 - £70.

Our weekly menus cost around £20.
    >> for the menu dated 4th July 2014, our frugal shopping cost is £16.75, but if you buy everyday brands, this rises to £32.37, almost double
By making sure that ingredients are integrated into several recipes, you cut down on wasted food.
We visit the supermarket only days before the menu comes out, so we can use current special offers that you too will have access to.
All our menus have been trialled in advance, but not in a posh chefs kitchen, but by people like you who are living on a tight budget.
We look for economical options such as supermarket own brands, though we will tell you when our tests have been horrible, and we had to step up to a better brand.

There is nothing wrong with swapping your favorite brands on occasion, but it may add a small amount to your bills.