Dinner Club

How do you make friends and mix with a wide range of people when you go to college? The idea of the Dinner Club came about after a few down the pub.

The dinner party is a gathering of 4 men and 4 women over a meal ... simple really. However,getting these meetings started, and finding people you want to mix with needs a lot more planning.

 One man and one women are assigned the task as hosts of the Dinner Party. They organise the venue, pay for and provide the food.

One man and woman are the sponsors of the event. They pick the hosts, and at the end will judge the quality of the dinner Party. If either of the hosts are deemed to have been sucessful, they will be invited to join the Dinner Club, and will in the future sponsor dinner parties of their own. During the evening, the sponsors will not identify themselves as being anything other than attendees at the party. This takes the pressure off them, and makes everyone equal.

Two men and two women will be invited to attend the Dinner Party. All guests (including the 2 sponsors) will provide a bottle of wine for the party, or other item if wine is deemed to be unacceptable.

None of the 8 people at the party need to be partners, and in fact it is prefered if the majority are unconnected.

Following the party, the 2 sponsors, and any of the hosts who are invited to join the Dinner Club will get together and discuss if they wish to propose any of the attendees to become hosts at a future Dinner Party.

Rules of the Dinner Party

The format of the Dinner Party is completely in the hands of the 2 hosts. Venue, food, drink, clothing, entertainment