Can Opener

I'd normally call these a tin opener, but apparently the Americans have influenced the big shops, and they are now available as Can Openers.

Of course you will need one, but how complicated can it be? There are a number of lessons that I have learned that may help you.

  • Don't buy the cheapest one. They tend to round of easily, and will soon be in the bin. This will of course will happen just as you need to get into the tin in a hurry. I was always told "Buy cheap, buy twice"
  • Get one that takes the centre out of the tin, not the whole top off. That way, when you only use part of the content, the tin you keep doesnt have such sharp edges. I also use some old tins to hold screws, or clean paintbrushes in.
  • Dont be mesmerised by electric can openers, unless your opening hundreds of cans per day. What will you do during a power cut?