4th Sept '14

  • Sheperd's Pie
    Broccoli Cheese
    Lamb Burger
  • Museli
  • Coleslaw, Cured Sausage, Biscuit

Shopping list cost: £20.62 | Menu cost: £18.22 | Lidl: Slough | 4th Sept 2014

Mon Sheperd's Pie
Tue Chicken Soup, Tinned Pineapple
Wed Sheperd's Pie
Thur Broccoli & Cheese Sauce
Fri Lamb Burger, Potato Salad
8am Museli
1pm Homemade coleslaw, cured sausage, Chocolate Biscuit

I have become a real fan of Lidl over the last year. I can usually afford several meat dishes where at other supermarkets I have to be very careful.
You do have to be a little imaginative at times though. The range isnt quite as large, so if you go in with an idea, you may have to swap to an alternative.
This week, we have had to use Sausage Casserole mix rather than Sheperd's Pie mix, but it will be just as good.
And ... have I ever said that I LOVE their long life carriers. Really strong, very large and no messing with fancy designs, just the big logo. Also great for laudry, storage etc.



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