30th Sept '14

    • Chorizo sauce & cous cous
      Pitta Pizzas
      Broccoli Cheese & beans
      Ravioli & Cheesie Pittas
      Broccoli Chese, grilled Chorizo. Scones & Jam
    • Tangerine. Crumpets
    • Spicy Rice, chicken drumstick, Yogurt, Peach

Shopping list cost: £22.38 | Menu cost: £18.92 | Tesco Southall | 30th Sep 2014

Mon Chorizo Pasta Sauce & couscous
Tue Pitta Pizzas
Wed Broccoli & cheese Sauce with Baked Beans
Thur Ravioli & cheesie Pitta
Fri Broccoli Cheese & grilled Chorizo. Scones & jam
8am Tangerine, Crumpets & Lemon Curd
1pm Spicy Rice, Chicken Drumstick, Yogurt, Peach, Fruit Juice



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