25th Oct '14

  • Chorizo Carbonara
    Coronation Pizza
    Leek and Potato soup
    Chorizo Carbonara
    Beans on Toast, semolina pudding
  • Fruit toast
  • Coronation Chicken sandwiches, apple, water

Shopping list cost: £17.26 | Menu cost: £17.26 | Morrisons  Byker | 25th Oct 2014

Mon Pasta carbonara with spicy chorizo sausage.
Carbonara sauce on its own with pasta is great, but for a change we're adding some cheese and chorizo this week. Don't forget to keep half the sauce that you make for later in the week. Store in a container in the fridge
Tue Paupers coronation pizza
My mam used to cook something like this back in the day, only she would use sliced ham and little chunks of pineapple. Use a couple of slices of bread/toast as the base with cheese and toppings of your choice. Great when your in a real rush
Wed Leek and Potato soup
I bet a lot of students will bottle out and open a tin of soup. However lots of soups are really easy to make from fresh ingredients, and are extremely economical. Ideal if your having friend over and want to fill them up for under a pound.
Thur Pasta carbonara with spicy chorizo sausage.
Fri Beans on Toast, Semolina pudding
8am Fruit Toast
1pm Coronation Chicken sandwiches, apple, water 


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