8th Feb '17

Shopping list cost: £17.61 | Menu cost: £17.00 | Sainsbury's Bath | 24th Feb 2015

I'm not a strict vegetarian, but recently I've been persuadede that there are a whole host of reasons to try and cut down on meat. From helping the environment, to health (meat tends to have a high amount of fat), to saving money. You can use meat in most of these recipes if you prefer, but if you dont, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple and tasty it is.
I went to Sainsbury's this week, and the only real down side was the disposable carrier bags. You really need to take your own strong reusable carriers, as half the disposable ones split on me before I got home. No fun when your on the bus.
Whilst Sainsbury's is one of teh up-market shops, they do a surprisingly wide range of own brand basics (have a look at the shopping list). As long as you avoid the smoked salmon and champagne, you can shop at a very reasonable cost. They also do home delivery for a couple of pounds, which is probably cheaper than your bus fare, but you'll need to make it up to £25, with some soap, bin liners, or my favorite, a slab of beer!

The gadget of the week is a Slow Cooker

During the winter I cook a lot of casseroles and soups. They all take a little longer than Beans on toast, but with a slow cooker, you can have your food ready and waiting for you when you get home.  Put all the ingredients in before you go off to work, and set the timer to cook slowly through the day. This gives all the flavours and spices time to blend in and make a great meal. You can even use it to cook rice if you want.

Sainsburys have a 1.5L one on offer for under £13.00 which is about the cheapest that I could find. Reviews say that it is large enough to make meals for 2 people. If there are more of you, have a look for a slightly larger model to suit.