15th Feb '15

Shopping list cost: £23.85 | Menu cost: £22.35 | Co-Operative Dedworth | 15th Feb 2015

The Co-Operative has a soft spot in my heart, but I have to admit to expecting it to be a lot more expensive than some of the bigger supermarkets. I wasnt totally wrong, but when you consider that they have a strong ethical mentality, and pay the farmers a fair price for products like milk, the difference isnt that great.
I didn't think there was one near me, but when I checked on their website, they have small stores dotted all around.
My shopping trip was to a small local store and when I walked in I didnt think I'd get half of what I wanted, but with only one or two changes I got the whole weekly shop. Quite a few of the basics are offered as low cost own brand which helps as always. I probably saved 15 mins in wandering around a larger shop.
On the subject of carrier bags, they charged me 10p each, but they are really large and strong, and they will replace it when it wears out, so I consider this a good deal.
All in all, a pleasent experience that I will repeat more often than I'd anticipated.