22nd Feb '15

Shopping list cost: £17.59 | Menu cost: £17.00 | ASDA Newcastle | 22nd Feb 2015


  • Leftovers: Butter, Onions, Oven Chips, Faggots, Potatoes, Peas.

    22nd Feb 2015    
    T O T A L £17.59    
    Product Price Pack Brand
    breakfast items      
    Bread £0.40 800g Asda SmartPrice
    Margerine £0.90 500g Asda SmartPrice
    Chocolate Spread £0.80 400g Asda
    lunch items      
    Wraps £0.95 8 Pack Asda Chosen By You
    Ham £1.49 400g pack Asda SmartPrice
    Mixed salad £1.45 200g Florette
    Bananas £0.97 6 pack Asda
    Cola £0.42 2l bottle Asda
    evening items      
    Spaghetti £0.50 500g pack Asda
    Pasta Sauce £0.39 440g jar Asda SmartPrice
    Mince £1.81 500g pack Asda SmartPrice
    Onion £0.74 1kg Asda
    Peppers £0.99 3 pack Asda
    Fish Fingers £0.70 10 box Asda SmartPrice
    Tomato Sauce £0.63 510g Asda
    Soft Cheese £0.61 250g Asda SmartPrice
    Oven Chips £1.79 4x100g boxes McCain
    Faggots £0.98 4 pack Mr Brain's
    Peas £0.37 300g tin Asda
    Potatoes £0.15 550g tin Asda SmartPrice
    Rice Pudding £0.55 400g tin Asda

    Note: Butcher's selection beef mince is available for £1.91, entirely your choice.

    If you think you'll be hungry through the week, the McCain Micro Chips are on offer, 2 for £3. You get a choice of straight cut or crinkle cut as well, fancy.

    For the tortilla wraps, Dina Khobez wraps were £0.68 for me, but they could be a regional item. Keep your eyes open for cheaper in your area.

    So the 'butter' I bought was actually something called 'Reduced Fat Spread', a suitably miscellaneous name for a miscellaneous product. I can't believe it's not butter (is also on offer for £1.50 per kg). It's also important to note, you may have butter left over from the week before, so let's not go overboard, shall we?

    Pepsi is almost always cheaper than Coca Cola, though I personally prefer Coca Cola. Watch out for the new 1.75l bottles; almost double the price of a 2l Pepsi bottle. Choose between the numerous offshoots of Pepsi. I went for regular; I despise Max.

    Living on a smartprice diet isn't particularly thrilling, I know, but it is economical. With the mad savings you've made on your weekly shop, perhaps you could buy some spices to improve the mince, or some raisins to put in with the rice pudding.