1st Mar '15

Shopping list cost: £18.77 | Menu cost: £15.47 | Lidl Llanelli | 1st March 2015

I was a little surprised at the shopping cost at Lidl this week. I had expected it to be cheaper than some of the larger supermarkets, but this was very close to the £20 target. If I look back at other Lidl shopping lists, they have also been near the £20 mark. I've not bought anything costly that should boost the cost, though I have bought a couple of meat items.
I have noticed that unlike other value supermarkets, they have quite a few branded products. The Robinsons squash and Pink Lady apples are more expensive than I'd thought, so I would probably go for cheaper products if I was doing this again.
The good buy for this week though is the "Bacon Mis-shapes" which they tend to have most weeks. A huge pack of bacon, at a really good price. In fact the pack is so large, I would probably freeze a third or even a half of it for another week. The different shapes wont win any photograph competitions, but they taste just as good as full price bacon.
Apart from the in-store bakery, my favorite thing at Lidls is their long life carrier bags. They are HUGE and last forever. Apart from the weekly shopping, they are great for taking all my clothes to the laundrette.