29th Mar '15

Shopping list cost: £16.38 | Menu cost: £15.30 | Tesco Hayes | 29th March 2015

The Tesco in Hayes has a "£1" aisle as you come in which is great for ideas to start your shopping for the week. I picked tinned hot-dogs, soup, scones and chilli sauce, and built my menu around that. I went off Tesco for quite a while as I felt the prices were rising. I'd like to pretend to be highly organised for my weekly shopping, but in reality I often do a quick mental sum, and keep my fingers crossed when I get to the till. This week was one of the most pleasant surprises, being almost £5 cheaper than previous weeks. I could easily afford to use fresh beef mince in my chilli, and swap to fresh frankfurter sausages rather than tinned ... and the disposable carrier bags don't split with Tesco! I use the carriers to line the rubbish bin in the kitchen, just tie the handles when its full and ready for the binman.