29th January ASDA

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Shopping cost: £19.61 | Menu cost: £xxx | Morrisons | 27th November 2016

Mon Baked Sweet potato, cheese & chopped nuts
Tue cheesy veggie Omlette
Wed Rice with roasted veg and halloumi
Thur Poached Egg and roasted spinach with chickpeas on toasted sweet potato slices
Fri Pizza
8am quick porridge with banana
1pm Cheese & ham baguette. Orange Juice & peanuts
 The healthy microwave menu

Your microwave can do more than heat up your meals!
(These are real quick, and real easy - and nice and warm for the winter)
I think the cashier would also have been quite amused that I have made a habit of doing my weeks’ shopping with my suitcase, if he was a person rather than annoying voice on a machine. (Honestly transporting the load in my suitcase makes the 20 minute walk back to my flat so much easier - don't judge me)

But this menu is ideal for anyone who doesn't have the time to spend hours cooking and cleaning, it is very low maintenance and almost every day of the week you'll be using a microwave or a toaster to get a fast, delicious meal at the end of a long, tough day.
  • Pea and tomato risotto
  • Nachos  
  • Meatball wrap
  • Chicken wrapped in bacon with mozarella and tomato sauce
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Rice pudding
  • Greek yogurt with mixed berries and nuts
  • Pasta salad

Shopping list cost: £22.17 | Menu cost: £22.17 | ASDA | 29th January 2017